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Criminal Defense

When you’re accused, arrested or charged with a crime, you need experienced and effective criminal defense attorneys to fight for you. André Ríos Bollinger has handled murders, sex cases, drug cases (possession, transportation, and sales), robberies, DUIs, and domestic violence. He’s taken all those types of cases to trial. He’s won favorable results for his clients from reduced sentences and charges to full acquittals and walking clients looking at Life in prison home to their families.

André Ríos Bollinger believes that his clients are the most important part of any case. He helps clients make smart decisions about their case and their futures, whether that’s getting the best deal or winning the case at trial. He wants his clients to be successful, not just in their case, but in life. Ríos Bollinger Law handles expungements, probation violations, and all other types of post-conviction relief. Ríos Bollinger Law handles cases is state and federal court. Let our team help you put life back on track.


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