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Personal Injury + Civil Litigation

André Ríos Bollinger handles all types of personal injury and civil litigation cases. The most important thing if you have a potential personal injury or civil case is having an experienced lawyer that litigates – a trial lawyer. Even if you don't have a "case" yet, and you're just dealing with insurance companies, you need a lawyer to be on your side and make sure you get the best result. Insurance companies are not looking out for you, they just want to pay as little money as possible.


André Ríos Bollinger has the trial experience and winning record to know what it takes to handle your case. He trains other attorneys on how to present their cases to a judge or jury. If you have a civil case you need the experience and proven record of Ríos Bollinger Law.

At Ríos Bollinger Law we have handled thousands of cases to the satisfaction of our clients


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