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The Right Attorney for the Job

You need the right kind of lawyer for your issue. Most people understand that you need the right kind of doctor for your issue; if you have a heart problem you want a cardiologist, if you have cancer you need an oncologist. But most people don’t seem to know that you need the right attorney for the job. It might be because most people don’t go to attorneys as often, or maybe that attorneys don’t official names for their different fields like doctors do. Whatever the reason, you need to know what kind of attorney you need, and you need to make sure you get that type of attorney.

Rios Bollinger Law, APC specializes in trial work and “litigation”. That means that we’re in court, fighting cases. We primarily specialize in criminal matters because those cases are in court most often, but take civil cases that are expected to go to trail or be in court too. “Isn’t that all of them?” you might be thinking. Nope. In fact most civil matters never get to court. Even the ones that do very rarely go to a trial. In fact, most attorneys don’t go to court and have done no, or very few, trials.

At Rios Bollinger Law, André has done sixty (60) trials. You can ask around, that’s more than almost anyone else. Mr. Bollinger has had many of his client found completely Not Guilty at trial, including cases that would have resulted in a sentence of Life in prison.

When you hire an attorney, ask them about the field they practice in, ask them about how often they handle cases like yours, ask them if they have the skill to do what you need. Now all cases are different, just because Rios Bollinger Law, or anyone else, has won cases doesn’t mean we’ll win the next one, but you need a law firm that can win your case and will fight to do it. At Rios Bollinger Law, that’s our specialty.

If you need an attorney to write a complicated contract, we’re not the best law firm for that. If you need a lawyer to sell your business, we’re not the best law firm for that. Those are “transactional” attorneys, not trial attorneys. If you call us for that we’ll refer you to some of our colleagues and friends who do excellent work. But if you have a criminal case, a juvenile case, a personal injury case, or any other case that you expect to be in court, we’re the firm for you. We have the experience, skill, and passion to get you the best result.

If you have questions you can call us at 619-657-6565 or email us at

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